Why you might need a digital platform for online business?

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A digital platform for online business is a collection of software and hardware tools that companies use as a part of their digital strategy. It is a platform where companies connect with their customers online. These tools vary depending on the business, and they are here to create a better user experience. The digital platforms will be successful if they are user-friendly. That is why your business is it small or medium to large, needs an online presence. It can be achieved through the website or a mobile application.

PDA is one of the best website developers company in Pune, and in this blog we would talk about why digital platform is the need for your online business?

Four reasons why every SME needs a digital platform for an online business?

  • Firstly, the presence of your website will attract new customers or leads to your business and will boost the chances of making more money. Also, websites work 24x7x365 days even when you are not available.
  • Websites will add instant credibility to your business. It is believed, 56% of people stated that they won’t trust a business without a website.
  • Have you ever noticed the time you spend taking calls and sending messages or emails to your customers? You might send them manually or personally. Could you have spent that time on more productive tasks? Now just imagine having an FAQ or a chatbot on your website. As a result, it answers all the redundant queries about your products or services that inform your customers right away? Without you getting into it unnecessarily.
  • Finally, creating your own website is pocket-friendly too. As it gives you more value for money.

The mobile app is the King of digital platforms

The first doubt that small SMEs have is that they already have a working mobile-compatible website. Why would they need a separate mobile application, considering the budgets and resources? The marketing objective for the mobile apps is that you can create a loyal customer base. Mobile apps live on your customer’s devices. Thus it provides better opportunities for your business. You can now interact more with customers and increase your sales.

Power of E-commerce in online business

Challenges without E-commerce

So far we explored the potential that website and mobile apps have on any business. It’s a good time to talk about small retailers and wholesalers.

The major challenge you must have faced is your outreach to the customers. To expand your business at various locations, if you invest without proper research & planning, it might be risky. As a result, the investments done could bring losses. Even if you already have the customers to the locations far away from you. Since the relation maintenance cost might go high. For instance, consider the costs of banners, branding, canopies that require dedicated manpower, yet the ROI is not guaranteed.

Solution that E-commerce brings

On the other hand, with e-commerce platforms, you can effectively target your audience. For instance, selecting the product to a particular age group, locality, etc. Not just that, the cost of digitally marketing your services or products is much smaller and risk-free as compared to offline marketing.

Know your customers

The two driving forces of any business are, “Products/Services” and its “Customers”. It becomes imperative to manage your customer’s information via some CRM tools. You might be wondering what is CRM? It is Customer Relationship Management which enables you to manage customers’ details, their communication channels or complaints, etc.

Know your resources

Similarly, to manage the resources that a business receives manufactures, or assembles into useful products. Hence it is even more crucial to have an ERP system in place.

Stream-lining logistics communication with API’s

Lastly, clear and transparent communication is a vital attribute that a logistics company should possess. With the technology evolving, various transportation and supply chain providers are integrating highly capable communication platforms through API. API stands for (Application Programming Interface). It helps in streamlining and improving the interactivity within several logistic entities. The use of social media, google maps, YouTube videos, or CMS such as WordPress, are some real-world implementations.

How PDA can help you go digital with your business?

So far, we have discussed the key requirements and challenges attached for online business. It becomes all easy with PDA. We are best website developers company in Pune providing services in website development and mobile solutions. At PDA, we specialize in designing specialized CMS for eCommerce solutions. We have expertise in Mobile app development. Our customized software will cater to your every need and more. Without a doubt, it will help you in the ways mentioned above and much more. Your revenue will keep on growing and your costs will keep on diminishing.