How Email Marketing in Online Business is of prime importance?

email marketing in online business

Email Marketing in Online business has been in use forever and for a good reason. Firstly, it is the most effective way of direct communication with your leads or customers. Secondly, you have your own list of emails to target, that means you know them and can filter the recipients. Last but not the least, emails just converts better!

Today, let us learn about email marketing, its importance for your online business, how to ace this strategy in the COVID times and more.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending mails to customers or prospects. An effective marketing email either convert a lead into your customer, or turn a one-time buyer to one of your loyal customers.

Email Marketing, Online Business and COVID?

Especially in the COVID times, the number of campaigns run through Email Marketing have accelerated. The outbound messages such as Emails are the vehicles to the conversions during the pandemic. Hence, its high time to really consider using this strategy for your online business. There are already so many businesses opted for the email to market their products and services. Don’t wait for yourself anymore!

Types of Email Marketing

There are a variety of emails sent for the marketing purposes. We are going to discuss few of them here.

  • Welcome Emails
  • Product Announcement Emails
  • Newsletter Emails
  • Transactional Emails
  • Pre-Order Emails
  • Sales Emails

Welcome Emails

It is the initial contact with your prospect where he or she is not yet ready to be your customer. In fact, research shows, only 25% of leads are immediately sales-ready. Nurturing, therefore becomes the crucial to push your leads closer to buying stage.

Welcome emails must be intended to give a good first impression about your brand, your expertise and knowledge. Hence, the language must have a personal touch rather than the sales pitch. Build a good relation with the lead and pave a way to connect in future with positive attitude.

They have a higher open rates and click-through rates as compared to standard marketing emails.

Product Announcement Emails

The product announcement email, as the name suggests, is an email that you send to contacts about upcoming products you’re releasing. Businesses send these emails to excite customers or leads about the products or events etc.

You can promote:

  • New Product launches
  • New Feature updates
  • Upcoming events or webinars etc

Don’t consider these emails as your newsletters, we are going to discuss about newsletter next in this article.

Newsletter Emails

Newsletter emails are the type of emails the businesses use to inform their audience about latest news, tips or updates about the products. They are often used for a variety of purposes and can come in different forms such as weekly digests, which compiles news of the week into an email.

These emails boosts brand awareness among your contacts, as this is the compiled form, it can also be a short summary for contacts to go through at once.

Though the design of these emails must not be cluttered for the users to view it properly.

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails the messages triggered by a specific action your contacts have taken (online or offline) and enable them to complete that action. For example, a contact has just signed up for your industry webinar, then a Thank You email should be sent, with the login details for webinar.

It is advantageous in scenarios where the recipients anticipate for the emails to help complete the actions. On the other hand, sometimes its an obstacle to ask your contact to complete another step.

Pre-Order Emails

Pre-Order is when you list a new item on your store or a website, it is yet not manufactured or ready for sale, but will be launched in near future. The emails sent to your contacts asking for a pre-order are ways to allow them to reserve their orders before they go out of stock. Businesses that have popularity, have used this strategy with lot of success.

Sales Emails

A sales email is the message that companies send to promote products and services in order to increase revenue. The effectiveness of sales email depends on the value of the offer, the engagement of customers with brand and most importantly, the format of the email. Since the number of people those actually open a sales email, then read it and finally buys a product would be on a decline.

How PDA can help you in Email Marketing?

We discussed different types of email marketing and the key benefits of each one of them. But where to proceed from? Well, it becomes all easy with PDA. At PDA, we specialize in designing specialized solutions by using effective and automated email marketing strategies. Our customized software will cater to your every need and more. It will help you in the ways mentioned above and much more. As a result, your revenue will keep on growing and will have a better brand value