Open Source CMS Tools

A CMS stands for content management system which is used by various businesses nowadays. For both large and small professionals there are many advantages of using CMS, especially for a non -technical people. It enables user to create various pages with elegant style and themes and also you can upload and modify content accordingly without any prior coding knowledge. It also helps us to manage the content in a proper way so our team can relate it. Content Management System is the most important part of Website Development.

This content management system is very fast spreading now because it does not need any special technical skills, this system will allow us to make a pleasant blog or website which could be personal or professional. Lots of so many web development agencies are using it.

And the best thing is that in CMS there are various inbuilt plugins available which are fantastically SEO friendly, and that allows you to boost your SEO performance and helps you to rank your website and improves your overall reach on your website or blog. It will help people to easily grow their business.

There are various types of CMS used by web development agencies. Let’s discuss the best 5 CMS platforms to start using for our website development in 2021.



WORDPRESS is open source software used to build attractive websites, blogs, with high user friendly powerful features and customized themes to give your website an elegant look and style, and it also includes so many inbuilt plugins to make our content SEO friendly and definitely it will lead to the better engagement. Also this tool is free and priceless.


SHOPIFY is one of the best and trending online e-commerce platform. It helps you to sell your product online by creating your own online e-commerce store and also you will be able to customize it according to your business needs and requirement. This way of creating your own store on Shopify will help you to save your finances and will make your sell safer and easier.


Here it is another the coolest tool JOOMLA which is used to make user friendly websites with excellent design and features that make it completely mobile friendly. It is also totally open source and also it is a free tool. This tool can be used for making a website also can be used to making powerful applications.


DRUPAL is free content management software used to make creative Websites with great standard and excellent features with high security. Again it is a great platform to manage our content securely and easily. We can manage our content appropriately and can make it more attractive.


OPENCART is used to build free online stores as per your business requirement. And the best thing is that we can customize the store as per our choice, it also provides different types of beautiful and attractive themes to make our store elegant. Lots of companies love to work on opencart for Website Development

The above discussed best five CMS platforms are used by various web development agencies for growing their and their client’s business.  And we are one of the leading web development companies in pune.

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