Email Marketing

Are you still sending bulk emails and cold-calling to acquire leads? Are you not getting enough leads even after sending so many emails? Then you must be doing something wrong. How about you let us try and see the results for yourself? If done correctly, email marketing can become a huge lead generator for your business."

E-mailing marketing: what is it?

Basically, an email is an electronic mail that allows remote digital communication between two parties. The emailing campaign is therefore a sending of several emails to several recipients. It is a marketing strategy that has been adopted in business since the beginning.

The emailing strategy is classified as direct marketing, because it consists of addressing the recipients directly via clear and unambiguous information.

Like a simple communication email, an email sent as part of a marketing campaign is opened in email readers such as Google, Yahoo or Microsoft Outlook.

What are the advantages of e mailing?

E mailing campaigns are of great importance in the marketing strategy of professionals. The campaign makes it easier to reach the main customers in a company’s database.

Dispatch in one click

The speed of sending emails is probably the main advantage of emailing. Indeed, the setting up of the sending is done in a few minutes and in only one click. In addition, emails can be scheduled and sent automatically. This represents a significant time saving in your company. All you have to do is select the recipient customers in your database and that’s all there is to it.

An e-marketing mailing is effective if you have urgent information to pass on to your community or a passing promotion, for example.

Creative and original messages

The main format of the marketing mailing used in companies is HTML, because of its practicality and the creativity it offers. Indeed, this method gives free rein to your imagination when creating your message. You are free to select the best colours, text types and layout for your brand.

From a simple illustration to a GIF or a video motion, using HTML for your campaign allows you to integrate all means into your email to increase its opening rate.

Sending with an interesting cost

Of all the communication strategies on the market, the mailing campaign is probably the most accessible. Compared to marketing advertisements, e mailing campaigns even allow you to exceed your objective.

Confidentiality of personal data

The marketing mailing falls within the framework of the General Regulations on Data Protection (RGPD) stipulating the obligation to keep secret the personal information collected in the databases.

Follow-up in detail

One of the advantages of mailing campaigns is the possibility to follow the evolution of the campaign in all its details in real-time. Click rate, opening rate, number of visits, conversion rate: the statistics allow you to define the ROI of your campaign.

Tracking also allows you to detect flaws and will allow you to improve your next mailing. But also, the figures released allow you to study the behaviour of your consumers in order to better direct your future campaigns.

SMS Campaign

Instead of sending e-mails, you can opt to send SMS messages to your customers. SMS ensures an opening rate of more than 80%. It can be opened as soon as the customer receives the information. During an e mailing campaign, the recipient must have access to the internet in order to consult his mailbox. This is not necessarily always the case.

You can categorize the email list on the basis of :

  1. Demographics,
  2. Location
  3. Purchase behavior
  4. Website activity
  5. Email engagement
  6. Current phase placement in the customer journey

You can determine the following parameters :

  1. The delivery rates,
  2. Open rates
  3. Click to deliver rates
  4. Subscriber retention rates from test cases

There is a lot of potential in email marketing. People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers. Email marketing still consistently drives brand visibility and converts new leads for companies. We know how to unlock this potential and leverage your brand to gain more leads.

As an Email Marketing companies “We help you record key metrics that present an insight into the behaviour of your customers and their preferences and provide email marketing solutions that are specifically created for the purpose of brand awareness. They can have specific content, be part of a larger marketing strategy, and have interactive and engaging designs, which will definitely increase your brand value.”


“You can use the results to target a larger population that will help you reach the desired results. Let PDA help you. Let us do what we’re good at.”