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In today’s market, customers make decisions about your business before they even speak to you. And their decisions to purchase are based on their online experience – specifically the appearance, usability and accessibility of your website.

Your website is a window to the outside world and therefore its role and importance is extremely significant. Your website is the one thing that will tell everything about you and your business from how professional you are, how capable you are and what is your attitude towards your potential customers. Prime Data Analytics is one of leading Web Development Company in Pune, we build affordable custom software products ,Web applications and operational systems for our clients. By applying the modern design techniques, with the latest in cloud, mobile and desktop technologies we provide a solid software foundation for your business.

Web development services imply designing, building, integrating, scaling and maintaining software that work via intranet or internet. We have a team of professional developers who have expertise in the latest programming technologies like Php, Laravel, Magento, ReactJS, front-end technologies like AngularJS, back-end technologies like Node.js to develop custom and responsive website, web application and ecommerce solution. As PDA being best web development company in Pune we provide custom web solutions, Custom Software and products to our client at affordable price.

How PDA Can Help You?

PDA would advocate that a strategic approach is taken to web development. The best way to do this is by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. Therefore develop a site that is easy to navigate and has good functionality. This is to ensure that potential customers stay on your website longer and have an easy path towards what you want them to do.

Prime Data Analytics as web development company recommends that you map out what you want your website to achieve. Also you need to have a clear understanding about what role it plays in your sales cycle as this will determine the type of functionality you need. Your website also has to be integrated with social media and the latest technological advances. By doing so, your website will remain current and, equally, effective search engine optimisation will drive traffic to your site. PDA is one of the leading best web development company in Pune


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the backbone of many organizations, offering a single source of truth into their financial well-being.

They offer integrated management of core business applications and processes across all areas of the enterprise, including finance, operations, distribution, HR and more.

Why you need an ERP software?

ERP provides rich functionality for all key service delivery processes such as service delivery, staffing, client billing, contact management, service notification, revenue recognition and profitability analysis. Get up-to-date demand forecasts via ERP’s reporting capabilities while increasing profits and creating additional client value by servicing your clients more effectively.

Benefits of ERP

  • Improves user productivity and adoption processes.
  • Enables you to match a forecasted demand for efficient services with current resources
  • Empower client segmentation
  • Analytics help strategically manage each client’s opportunity
  • Validate to manage overall risk
  • It streamlines the entire process and system
  • lowers operational costs

Why having a great ERP is crucial?

Unoptimised ERP system makes it difficult to evaluate projects, services and contracts, this lack of performance hampers your ability to develop new service offerings. Due to this you will have unhappy clients, who will turn to competitors for assistance, while voicing their dissatisfaction through various social media portals.

Areas in which ERP delivers

  • Service delivery
  • Staffing
  • Client billing
  • Contact management
  • Service notification
  • Revenue recognition
  • Profitability analysis

How PDA’s Consultation will help you?

Embracing the latest in technology, ERP provides a real-time, accurate view of your services, so you can proactively manage it with confidence. Embedded business process management provides the flexibility you need as your business evolves. The right ERP approach can create the transparency your company requires. And we can help you in delivering the right thing by consulting you on the matters of ERP. We enable clients to maximize their potential and achieve a greater market with a wide array of technology services

Our system integration experts team provides enterprise application integration for various platforms like CRM, ERP and custom applications. We strive to deliver quality and seamless experience to our clients.

Prime Data Analytics as web development company provides innovative and highly efficient product development services. Our experienced product development team gives customer centric solutions that perfectly meets client requirements. We deliver custom software products by taking care of the software development life cycle. Our dedicated team of software architects and designers help clients with their complex business problems at budget cost.

Why CRM is crucial for your business?

In a world where customers expect a response within seconds or lose interest, the best way you can future proof your business is through building relationships. Building relationships results in building and retaining brand loyalty. fostering hyper accelerated digitally enhanced human interactions is critical for success. Fostering hyper accelerated digitally enhanced human interactions is critical for success.

Benefits of CRM

  • Track every opportunity and close more deals
  • Deliver smarter service to achieve customer excellence
  • Superior customer interaction at every touch point
  • Improve customer, partner, and employee engagement
  • Deliver a seamless experience across all points of commerce
  • Build engaging and customized applications for unique business needs

How can PDA help you?

We help our clients get the most out of their CRM implementation by enabling a customer-centric digital business. Our team of high-powered technologists possess deep expertise in multiple state of the art technologies that will make sure that you receive the best help possible. PDAs web development helps B2B enterprises build lasting relationships with their clients, support sales management and drive sales teams’ engagement and productivity. We make sure that you get what you deserve.


As your business continues to grow, so does the number of sales relationships you need to effectively manage.

Effective customer relationship management (CRM) will allow your business to track, manage, and grow those relationships to drive sales. Building relationships is equivalent to building a future.


According to Wikipedia it is learning conducted through an electronic medium. But PDA believes it’s more than that, it’s a way of helping people become better. It’s a way to reach as many people as possible and impact their lives.

E-Learning has become a standard and desirable way of learning and we want to make sure that you do it right.

Why E-learning is on a rise?

In the last few years, Internet technology has evolved rapidly, and as a result, the development of Internet content has exploded unimaginably. These changing technologies have impacted E-Learning hugely and it also changed the way of imparting education as well as increased the accessibility of education. It will continue to expand more. It’s time we used it for our benefit.

Benefits of E-learning

  • Less time consuming
  • Cheaper than traditional learning
  • More integrated
  • Better quality
  • Cohesive learning experience
  • Flexibility

How will PDA help you?

PDA will help you bring open source e-learning solutions to many sectors like education, corporate, institutional and non-profit. Our expertise in custom E-learning software and solutions domain help you to cut costs, create and deploy solutions that will engage learners and enhance learning through seamless integration with your existing system. It will make you more relevant and much more competitive. Get ready to be a pioneer in this field if you decide to work with us.

Switch to PDA for high quality and cost-effective ways to help people.

As we have a team of high professional Experts that use latest technology and framework to build websites and application which contribute to company success and makes us one of the best web development company in Pune

We primarily offer web design and web development services with the following technologies.

WordPress, Magento, Laravel, Angular, React